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About African Sky Audio Art in Motion

So what is it that we are all about ?

For the Individual Audiophile

We can assist in transforming any Room into a High End Cinema.

Now you may be thinking ok so what Distinguishes us from others.

1. You Design your Speaker 

by providing us with a Image wich we print on a High Quality Canvas

The only fully image Customisable Speaker in the World

2. Low Profile 

These are without a Doubt the slimmest Audiophile Quality Speakers you can buy in the world making them perfect for Wall Installations

3. Weight

Most setups even the High End are less than 2 kg overall weight.

 This makes these Speakers  the Lightest in their Class



These Speakers can be upgraded at any Time for more Power (Bigger and more Exciters)

Bluetooth Functionality, Wall or Battery Powered

For the Retail Industry

Here the options are limitless

We can build Custom Systems for Retail Shops ,Sound Stages , Conferences and many more thanks to the exceptional Sound Reproduction which usually exceeds most conventional Systems 

Please Contact our Sales Representative to Discuss a Solution to your Needs

 In this rapidly changing industry, we’ve realized the importance of continually updating our approach to stay relevant in the market, and are committed to just that. We invite you to browse through our inventory and contact us with any questions.

With expertise and experience, African Sky Audio Art in Motion is proud to be regarded as a manufacturing leader in Discrete Audio Solutions to

Both the Retail industry & Individuals.

Every decision is inspired by our main mission, which is to provide the highest standard of Service Excellence  coupled with Superior Audio Hardware to both

Retailers and Private Individuals.


Quite simply, a sound exciter is a loudspeaker without the frame and cone. Exciters function by replacing these components with a rigid surface which vibrates in order to create sound. This is why exciters are often referred to as the “invisible” or “universal” speaker, as they can often be placed on surfaces not conducive to traditional speakers or in locations where hidden speakers are desired. With a sound reproduction Quality rivalled only by the

Best R100 000+ Speaker Systems on the Market and endless possibilities for Discreet Deployment see our Canvas Range for Cost Effective Speaker Systems

They Reproduce Sound unbelievably well and can be upgraded in the Future.


Exciters are comprised of a motor assembly, a voice coil, a suspension system, electrical connection terminals, and an adhesive ring or coupling plate which joins the exciter to the mounting surface. When a signal is transmitted to the exciter, the unit begins to vibrate at the frequency of the signal and those vibrations transfer through the exciter’s mounted surface thus emitting sound.


Surface exciter technology provides a universal, cost-effective alternative to loudspeakers, allowing for sound reproduction virtually anywhere it is desired. Issues such as weather, space constraints, vandalism or visibility can be avoided or minimized with the use of a sound exciter. Additionally, exciters may be used in a host of DIY executions to easily add sound to an existing non-audio specific project or create a portable speaker system. As long as a desirable surface is available for mounting and an amplification source can be added, exciters are the go-to product for a host of applications.


One of the most frequent questions regarding exciters involves the placement substrate and resulting sound. There is no simple answer for sound reproduction because there are a host of factors which affect how the sound exciter will react in an individual application. Because exciters perform by vibrating against the surface by which they are mounted, the surfaces themselves can and will affect the end result.

For example, mounting an exciter onto glass provides a much different sound than mounting to a sheet of foam core. The size of the surface the exciter is mounted to, the specs of the exciter itself, and the resulting motion of the surface all factor into the overall performance and sound output, therefore no one singular answer can be provided. Even though it seems like quite the grey area, the ability to leverage flexibility with installation outweighs the need for concrete specifications. This is why exciters are a popular choice in a variety of applications including:

  • Home theater and multi-room audio where visibility is a concern

  • Boats, bicycles, automobiles, airplanes and other modes of transportation

  • Electronic gaming machines, ATMs or kiosks which utilize sound

  • Retail product displays, advertising signage or multimedia exhibits

  • Bathroom installations including tubs and shower enclosures

  • Commercially distributed audio

  • DIY projects where sound is desired as a secondary component (ex. a photo frame which doubles as a Bluetooth speaker)

  • Schools and offices, specifically within conference rooms and behind white boards, etc.

  • Outdoor installations where weather concerns are a factor: decks, patios, porches, fire pits, sheds, planters, barns and more

  • Kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, closets, furniture, walls and other locations in the home

  • Portable surfaces including coolers, folding chairs and tables, lunch boxes, wagons, etc.

You can add sound to virtually any location with a mountable surface!



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